Lubricant booster 10 ml durex orgasmic lubricating gel

Référence 3797790319241 Brand DUREX LUBES
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Spice up your love life with our aphrodisiac lubricant

The purpose of Intense Orgasmic Gel is to stimulate blood flow to the clitoral region, resulting in a thrilling, pleasurable sensation. It has multi-sensates that heighten the clitoris' sensitivity; use it before the big games to really get things going. Start the evening off right with an erotic massage and take your time exploring your partner's privates with Intense Orgasmic Gel. This light and gentle lubricant is administered to heighten the clitoral sensitivity so that she can have a pleasant and satisfying experience. Permits us to maintain our current level of intense orgasmic enjoyment while using a condom. Better and more frequent climaxes through enhanced sensitivity and stimulation. Two to three drops equals one dose. 10 ml Method of use: Unscrew the top, depress the bottle, and place two or three drops wherever you choose.