Oil and Massage Creams (1/1)

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Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing when stress starts to affect our interpersonal relationships and intimacy. We often do not realize its negative effects until our body and mind are already affected by its harmful consequences. Once the saturation point is reached, the libido is frequently the most weakened aspect of our life. The lack of libido also weakens our self-esteem and that of our partner, creating a vicious circle that also produces tensions on our body. It is known that there is a close relationship between breathing, mental processes and our body. Restless breathing is normally accompanied by thoughts of the same content that affect our body with painful contractures. Act quickly and relieve these accumulated tensions with regular massages using our massage oils. Start with essential oils specially designed to relax you and then build up to our aphrodisiac oils created to help boost your libido. We will always be there to support you!