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Aphrodisiac lubricants for everyone

Thanks to our range of aphrodisiac lubricants you will be transformed into a god or goddess of love with all the powers described in the previous lines. The libido of all genders will be inveterate thanks to our erection stimulating gels or our gels for women full of pheromones and poppers activating vaginal and anal pleasures. For the Aphrodite of love who is looking to explore all the possibilities in anal and vaginal sex, we offer specially designed boosters to dispel fatigue after a long day of work. Your libido will be at its peak after spreading our orgasmic gel on your clitoris or after taking a female libido capsule. On the other hand, for men, the loss of sexual energy each time we ejaculate varies according to age and physical condition. In our more intimate desires we dream of being able to continue our sexual relations without losing our performance nor the quality of the erection. With the frequent use of our aphrodisiac lubricants, semen gels and erection gels, the quantity and quality of your semen will be improved and your erection will be more robust due to the increased vasodilation of your penis.