Massage oil sachet Secretplay Peach and Champagne 10 ml

Référence 3795411058203 Brand SECRETPLAY TOYS
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Dive into softness with our delicate massage oil

Immerse yourself in a world of luxury and sensuality with Secretplay Peach and Champagne Massage Oil 10 ml, a refined creation by SECRETPLAY COSMETIC. Presented in a practical sachet, this massage oil offers an indulgent experience that charms all your senses. Each sachet contains 10 ml of massage oil, enough for a luxurious massage session. Whether you're looking to relax your muscles after a long day or create a romantic atmosphere for a special evening, this massage oil is the perfect choice. Secretplay Peach & Champagne Massage Oil is a cosmetic product for external use only. It is designed to be applied to the skin, leaving it feeling soft and moisturized. Regular use can help improve skin elasticity and suppleness, while providing deep relaxation. The fragrance of this massage oil is truly what sets it apart. The fruity notes of peach blend harmoniously with the effervescent aroma of champagne, creating an exquisite, seductive fragrance. The fragrance remains on the skin even after massage, leaving a pleasant scent that lingers. Using Secretplay Peach & Champagne Massage Oil is simple and effortless. Simply open the sachet, pour a small amount of oil into the palm of your hand and spread it over the skin using circular movements. The oil glides easily over the skin, providing a gentle, relaxing massage. Secretplay Peach & Champagne Massage Oil 10 ml is more than just a massage product. It's a sensory experience that awakens the senses and creates an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation. Whether you use it for a personal massage or to share an intimate moment with a partner, this massage oil promises an unforgettable experience. All in all, SECRETPLAY COSMETIC's Secretplay Peach & Champagne Massage Oil 10 ml sachet is a real treasure for those looking to add a touch of luxury to their skincare routine. Its exquisite fragrance, silky texture and convenient packaging make it an irresistible choice for all massage enthusiasts.