How to choose your first sextoy

Understanding the different types of sextoys

Diving into the world of sextoys is a bit like strolling through a candy store for the first time - so many choices and flavors! There are the vibrators, which whisper or roar according to your preference, and then, the stimulators which, true to their name, awaken your senses with a caress or an electric thrill. But that's not all!

  • The dildos, often phallic, come in a symphony of shapes and sizes for a more 'realistic' experience.

  • The plugs, small or grandiose, are there to explore new territories gently.

  • The penile rings, those acrobats of love, add a vibrant touch to romps.

Each guy has his own personality, his own expertise in pleasure. Choosing a sextoy therefore requires knowing your inclinations, listening to your body, and aligning yourself with your intimate desires. So don't be afraid to question yourself: are you looking for a slow waltz or a furious samba? Your first sextoy will be your guide to this quest for pleasure.

Taking your own anatomy into account

When it comes to pleasure, our personal anatomy enters the scene like a conductor. It's the difference between a symphony that transports you and a concert where we play out of tune. Choosing your first sextoy without taking into account your own carte du Tendre is a bit like playing guitar with mittens, isn't it? So, before you fall for that eye-catching model, ask yourself what will make you tick, literally.

  • The size matters! A sextoy that's too intimidating or, on the contrary, too shy could play tricks on your pleasure.

  • The form should hug your curves, not the other way around. Our body is a map of sensations, so we might as well choose a playmate who knows how to navigate brilliantly.

  • Think about manoeuvrability too: a sextoy should be an accomplice, not a Chinese puzzle.

In short, listen to yourself and let your body choose its first play partner. After all, it'll be leading the dance!

Consider the materials used

So, you're ready to spice up your sock drawer with a first sextoy, but you're wondering what material to invite to dance under the sheets? It's crucial, because it's the peach skin of your forbidden fruit that's going to woo her. Sex toys are like costumes for your private parts: they need to be both comfortable and seductive!

  • Silicone: The darling of the toy cupboard! Soft, supple, and most importantly, hyper-hygienic. Have you got your eye on it? Make sure it's 100% pure, for a flirtation without faux pas.

  • Glass: Iced or warmed, glass takes you through a tango of temperatures. Don't worry, it's tough; no breakage without your consent.

  • Metal: For those who like their caresses with a bit of weight, metal is the deal. It's as easy to clean as a plate after a squeegee.

Every material has its fanfares and false notes. Choose a safe and quality material, because your body deserves a red carpet, not a clown act. And remember, the best material will be the one that thrills you as much as your sextoy!?

Exploring functions and features

So, you've decided to take the plunge and explore the wonderful world of sextoys? Congratulations! But before you take the plunge, let's take a look at the little things that make all the difference: functions and features. Ah, here's where it gets crunchy!

Start with the vibrations - the little thrill that can lead to the big thrill. But don't stop there, some sex toys offer rotations that can play magic tricks on your sensitive areas. It's like choosing between cotton candy and a carousel ride, why not have both?

  • Gentle pulses to titillate without jostling

  • Pressure waves for those who like non-contact sensations

  • “Back and forth” movements for a more... realistic

Depending on what's driving you up the curtain, choose a first sextoy that will know how to press the right buttons. And remember, like a fine wine, a sextoy is above all a matter of taste and preference. It's up to you to find your perfect playmate!

Take the budget into account

So, let's talk money, eh? The world of sextoys is like a big flea market: there's something for everyone! Before embarking on this exciting adventure, it's wise to define how much we're willing to spend on our first sextoy. It's a bit like choosing your first bike, you don't go straight for the racing model if you don't intend to pedal all the way to the Tour de France, do you?

  • Set yourself a realistic budget, one that won't leave you broke.

  • Consider the sextoy as an investment for your pleasure - no need to break the piggy bank, but we avoid junk gadgets.

  • Explore the options available at different price points - there are nuggets just waiting to thrill you without melting your bank account.

The important thing is to find the right balance between quality and price so that your first sextoy is a profitable investment in terms of pleasure without breaking the bank. Go on, do your sums and embark on this jubilant quest!

Check out the reviews

Ah, reviews and opinions, great allies when it comes to flushing out the sextoy of your dreams! Just like snooping around for the perfect restaurant, it's crucial to get informed before taking the plunge. Read feedback from other users: it can greatly inform your choice. It's a bit like asking the way to someone who's just walked it. Worried about making the wrong choice for your first sextoy? Don't panic, reviews are here to give you a helping hand.

  • Look for reviews detailing use, durability and feel: the three musketeers of the sextoy experience.

  • Beware of false opinions: if it shines too brightly, it could be fake. Keep an eye out and cross-reference sources.

  • Don't be shy, ask questions in forums or directly to sellers, after all, curiosity isn't a bad trait when it comes to pleasure!

In short, reviews are your accomplices in unearthing the rare gem that will thrill you. Put them to good use and your first sextoy could well be love at first sight!"

And there you have it, armed to the teeth as you set out to conquer your first sextoy! Keep in mind that the most important thing is to find the toy that thrills you, both literally and figuratively. It's a personal adventure, and every sextoy has its own little grain of magic. So listen to yourself and let your curiosity be the captain of this intimate journey.

In short, think safety with quality material, let functionality be your guide and ignore prejudices. Budget shouldn't be a brake, there's a rainbow of possibilities available to you. And remember, the opinions of other adventurers can be a compass, but your pleasure is your own North. Find what makes your heart beat and respects your body.

So, ready to embark on the fabulous world of sex toys? The important thing is to sail towards what brings you joy. Happy treasure hunting!

Hello everyone! I'm Lucie Rainer, the wandering but passionate soul behind this corner of the internet dedicated to sexual wellness. Here at Sextoysunivers, my little secret garden blossoms with each article. My mantra? To talk about sexuality with the delicacy of a feather and the clarity of a diamond. My goal? To take you on an adventure where pleasure rhymes with knowledge, where each experience becomes a key to open the doors to a radiant intimacy without pretence. So, if you're keen to cultivate a healthy and fulfilling sexuality, you've come to the right place! Let me guide you through the twists and turns of taboo, so you can finally breathe in the freedom of a fulfilling intimate life. Ready for the journey?

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