Massage candles exotic green tea small caress

Référence 3795236910014 Brand SHUNGA
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Discover the art of absolute relaxation

Discover a new way to relax and enjoy intimate moments with Shunga Candles Exotic Green Tea Small Caress massage candles. Combining the deliciously refreshing scent of green tea with the calming properties of massage oil, these candles are perfect for creating a sensual and stimulating environment. Each candle is carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients to ensure a unique massage experience. When lighting the candle, you will be treated to an intoxicating aroma that will envelop the entire room, creating a romantic and sensual atmosphere. Exotic green tea adds a touch of freshness and revitalization, awakening the senses and creating a special atmosphere for intimate moments. In addition to the enchanting aroma, these candles transform into a luxurious massage oil when melted. The melted oil is warm to the touch, smooth and perfectly suited to creating a sensual and relaxing massage experience. With its moisturizing and nourishing properties, the oil will nourish and hydrate the skin, providing a feeling of softness and smoothness. Shunga Candles Exotic Green Tea Little Caress massage candles are versatile and can be used all over the body. After lighting the candle and allowing the oil to melt, pour a small amount into your hands and gently spread it over your partner's skin, using gentle, enveloping movements. Feel the tension and stress melt away along with the oil as you indulge in moments of intimacy and relaxation. Experience the magic of Exotic Green Tea Small Caress massage candles from Shunga Candles and transform your nights into unforgettable moments of pleasure and connection. Surprise your partner with a sensual massage and awaken all your senses with the aroma and sensations provided by this unique experience. Let yourself be carried away by the power of exotic green tea and discover the true art of intimacy.