Massage candles mini intense chocolate caress candle

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Let yourself be enchanted by the enchanting aromas

The Caricia Mini Intense Chocolate massage candles from SHUNGA CANDLES are perfect for creating an intimate and sensual atmosphere in your intimate moments. Designed to awaken your senses and stimulate touch, these massage candles provide a unique and pleasurable experience. Each candle is made with high-quality wax and irresistible aromas of intense chocolate, which will transport you to a world of sweetness and passion. When you light the candle, it transforms into a warm, silky massage oil that is ideal for caressing and pampering your partner's body. The duration of each candle is up to 40 hours, so you can enjoy multiple massage and sensuality sessions. Additionally, the massage oil obtained when lighting the candle does not clog pores, allowing the skin to breathe and feel soft and rejuvenated. The process of using the candles is very simple: simply light the candle and let it burn for approximately 20 minutes so that enough of the massage oil melts. Carefully turn off the flame and pour the hot oil into the palm of your hand or directly onto your partner's skin. As you gently stroke and massage, the massage oil is quickly absorbed and leaves your skin hydrated, nourished and with a delicious chocolate scent. You can use these massage candles on any part of the body, allowing you to explore new sensations and discover pleasure in every corner. In addition, the compact size of the Caricia Mini massage candles makes them perfect to take with you on your trips or romantic getaways, guaranteeing burning and passionate moments wherever you are. Immerse yourself in the sensory experience of the Caricia Mini Intense Chocolate massage candles from SHUNGA CANDLES and enjoy the perfect combination of relaxation, excitement and an irresistible aroma. Make your intimate moments even more special and exciting with these high-quality, long-lasting massage candles.