Massage candles desire mini caress exotic fruits

Référence 3790229261487 Brand SHUNGA
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Create a warm, soothing atmosphere

Discover the delight of the massage bougies Mini Caresse Desir Exotiques Fruits par SHUNGA CANDLES. With the captivating aroma of Libido and its 170 ml content, these massage flavors are designed to enhance the senses and offer a unique sensorial experience. Allumez la mèche de la bougie et laissez-la brûler pendant une vingtaine de minutes. Pendant to the times, take advantage of the soothing and relaxing atmosphere created by the gentle light of the dancing flame. Let your food evaporate so that you can prepare yourself for an incomparable sensual experience. Once the cire is liquid and at the ideal temperature, pour it delicately on the skin of your partner. The gentle comfort and comfort of the chaude's hair delicately caress every inch of her body, creating a sensation of deep and pleasant relaxation. The irresistible aroma of exotic fruits will add a touch of sensuality to your massage experience. This inhalation will transport you to a tropical paradise, awakening your senses and intensifying your desire. Laissez-vous importer par les notes fruitées et sucrées qui se mêlent harmonieusement à l'ambiance intimate et passionnelle. The massage balls Mini Caresse Desir Exotic Fruits of SHUNGA CANDLES are made with high quality ingredients to guarantee a proper and residue-free glow. They are equally enriched in essential, nourishing and hydrating oils to leave the skin soft, soothing and deliciously perfumed. We offer you a moment of relaxation and intimacy with the Mini Caresse Desir Exotique Fruits massage bougies by SHUNGA CANDLES. Enjoy the delightful aroma and luxurious texture for an unforgettable sensual experience. Prepare to experience the moments of pleasure and complicity that will remain grave in your memories.