Masturbator man tenga flip orb solid orange crash

Référence 3794364200943 Brand TENGA
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The forceful spheres, whose interiors are adorned with sharp angles, crash and arouse. By encasing tough spheres in a cavity of firm material, the FLIP ORB STRONG aims to provide even more explosive sensations. Experience a new dimension of comfort that standard supple materials can't match. INSTANT RED CRASH BALLOON FLIP Navigate your way through an infinite maze of stacked bumps and perfectly aligned spheres for a powerful, intense experience. Balls that can bend Using hard spheres enveloped in a soft material, the FLIP ORB's elastomer chamber provides layered stimulation for a novel experience. When using the FLIP ORB STRONG, you can expect a more robust experience thanks to the stronger dials. Form of an hourglass Among the many firsts for FLIP ORB, the hourglass shape was the most highly rated by users (98%). The FLIP ORB's design makes it comfortable to hold while while delivering outstanding pressure at shoulder level. Dimensions (W x L x H): 71 x 86 x 178 mm / 2.8 in x 3.4 in x 7.09 in (H) Packed size 75 × 105 × 208 mm / (W) × (L.) × (H) (H) Approximate 498 gram item weight Extras: Lubricant is included for reuse.