Masturbator man tenga 3d spiral sanusptée pleasure

Référence 3792037545926 Brand TENGA
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A winding form of release. A form made from looping hexagonal plates. Both the changing sensations of the spiral form and the intricate ribs of each step of the walls combine to deliver two unique stimuli catering to individuals adherent to both hard and soft sensations. Ancient gadgets' internals were only ever thought out to stimulate the user. However, after being turned inside out, washed, and dried, the previously concealed inside design becomes immediately apparent. Once this is understood, the combination of enticing textures and structural beauty becomes the peak of masturbation. Contrary to expectations, tenga 3d is crafted bliss. Case not included; overall dimensions are 72.6 x 72.6 x 156.5 mm. A standard sleeve measures 11.5" in length.