Masturbator man tenga 3d molded module ecstasy

Référence 3798501515259 Brand TENGA
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A type of exhilaration that sticks around. This thing's walls are decorated with jutting blocks at random heights. A hard sensation is generated as the protruding blocks brush against you, while the retracted blocks cling to you to amplify the sound. The blocks tumble down in a rush of opposing stimulus, leaving the user with a powerful experience. Details within devices in the past have solely served to stimulate the user. However, after being turned inside out, washed, and dried, the previously concealed inside design becomes immediately apparent. When viewed from this angle, the perfect masturbation experience is a culmination of enticing textures and aesthetic structural design. 3d tenga something of a departure from the norm, this bliss has been crafted. Case not included; overall dimensions are 72.6 x 72.6 x 156.5 mm. 11.5-centimeter manga