Masturbator Voice Crazy Flora Vagin with suction cup

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Let our masturbator for men awaken your wildest desires

Discover a world of pleasure with the Voice Crazy Flora Vagina Masturbator, featuring a suction cup and developed by CRAZY BULL. This intimate toy is designed to deliver an exceptional pleasure experience that exceeds all expectations. This masturbator is made from new TPR, a silky material that imitates skin to perfection, providing an incredibly realistic sensation. Every time you use it, you'll feel like you're in a real embrace, increasing your pleasure and arousal. The Voice Crazy Flora Vagina Masturbator features 12 vibration modes, allowing you to tailor your experience to your desires. Whether you prefer a soft, subtle vibration or an intense, powerful one, this toy has everything you need to satisfy you. What's more, despite its power, it remains silent, guaranteeing total discretion. In addition to its realistic texture, this masturbator features a rigid handle with an internal stimulator. This unique design targets and stimulates your erogenous zones, intensifying every movement for a pleasure experience that will leave you speechless. With its impressive dimensions of 28.3 cm total length and 10 cm width, the Voice Crazy Flora Vagina Masturbator is ready to envelop you in pleasure. Its generous size ensures full stimulation, while its ergonomic shape makes it easy to handle. The base of the masturbator features a sturdy suction cup, ready to be attached to any non-porous surface. Whether you're in the bedroom or the bathroom, you can enjoy this toy whenever and wherever you want. The Voice Crazy Flora Vagina Masturbator is powered by two AAA batteries, not included. Despite this, it offers impressive battery life, ensuring that your pleasure session will never be interrupted. In short, the Voice Crazy Flora Vagina Masturbator is more than just an intimate toy. It's a pleasure tool designed to satisfy your deepest desires. With its realistic design, multiple vibration modes, rigid handle with internal stimulator, and solid suction cup base, it promises a pleasure experience that will transport you to a world of satisfaction.