Masturbator man tenga air-tech reusable

Référence 3793851106393 Brand TENGA
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Tenga has created a CUP-style masturbator that is both reusable and hygienic; it can even be used with the Vacuum Controller. Crafted with Tenga's revolutionary Air-Cushion Technology, this product employs no inside foam keeping it hygienic for reuse! And that's not all; the unique airflow structure provides a sensation of powerful suction that surpasses even the original Cup Series. The new air tech structure increases the vacuum strength, resulting in consistently amazing feelings when using Air-Tech. The Air-Tech Series is offered in three different strengths: Mild, Standard, and Extra Strong. Because the Air-Tech Series includes printing on the CUP's interior, it can be used again without drawing attention to itself once the shrink wrap has been removed. It's easy to clean, simply remove the sleeve and you can clean it! Lubricant Included. Mind Your Steps! You won't find the Vacuum Controller in the package. Specifications: TPE, a material. In a word, yes. The Vacuum Controller Is Backwards-Compatible (Not Included)