Lubricant booster 2 secretplay Brazilian balls cold effect

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Gentle massaging is all that's needed when applying this. When the ball comes into contact with the body's heat, it dissolves quickly and releases a liquid that lubricates, adding to the fun of erotic foreplay and transforming sex into a thrilling adventure leading to orgasm. Including two balls with cool effects Source: Mostly or primarily in water TO BE USED BY: If you wet your hand and then hug the Brazilian ball, the ball will melt in 3–5 minutes, releasing a lubricating liquid that can be used in the preliminary game or as a pleasant surprise in romantic encounters. At the same time, it releases a tantalizing scent that piques the nose and sets the mood for sensuality. An excellent way to experience new levels of bliss. The ball is composed of water on the outside and oil on the inside. They're appropriate for both oral and genital administration. To your attention: because they contain oil, they cannot be used with condoms.