Lubricant booster 150 cc Swedish herbal aphrodisiac massage oil

Référence 3794917098812 Brand SWEDE
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Awaken your sensuality with our aphrodisiac lubricant booster

This premium massage oil is a herbal aphrodisiac crafted from a balanced combination of nourishing vegetable oils and a pure essential oil blend that was carefully curated for its subtlety. Massage oil infused with Herval, a natural aphrodisiac, is cruelty-free and cruelty-free. Aroma and flavor from grapefruit, palmarosa, and petitgrain; 150 ml Smooth the oil all over your skin and massage it in using slow, deliberate motions. Instead of massaging towards the heart, try massaging outwards from it. Alternate between light, caressing strokes and firmer, more deeply pressing strokes to ensure all muscle tension is relieved. Warm the massage oil in a hot water bath before applying it to the body for an even more relaxing experience. Oil to be used should be heated in a bowl of hot water for five minutes before being poured into a small glass. It is acceptable to use hot water from the tap (around 45 degrees Celsius). Some of the essential oils are also released into the air, allowing your preferred fragrance to permeate the room. Professional massage therapists will find the massage oil to be a great option because it is cruelty-free and hypoallergenic.