Lubricant booster 6ml coquette stylish desire pulse gel strawberry magic vibe

Référence 3795405965456 Brand COQUETTE
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Dare to be adventurous and passionate with our booster

Here are the latest offerings from our company. Vibrating COQUETTE CHIC DESIRE SENSE PULSE GEL. The product is used in the same way as regular lubricant or erotic massage gel—by spreading it on the skin. This pleasure liquid, however, has an effect that is unlike any other in its class. Right now you can get your hands on the most comprehensive liquid vibrator ever made. Immerse yourself in a sea of sensation with its 30-minute heating, pulsating, and vibrating settings. It has a strong strawberry flavor and can be used during penetration, masturbation, passionate kisses, and oral sex. Instructions: You'll only need three sprays on your clitoris and one for your penis. This energizing liquid has vibrational waves that, when applied to naked skin, awaken the senses and make them more receptive to erogenous pleasure. 100% natural, airtight container, suitable for vegans. Unisex 6 ml The maximum timeframe is 30 minutes.