Viagel booster lubricant for men 30ml

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Ignite your relationship with our advanced aphrodisiac lubricant

Provirilia is a cold-effect intimate gel that improves sexual performance and prolongs sexual enjoyment. Because of the addition of innovative components like menthyl lactate. In exchange, you will receive the following advantages: Enhance your sexual prowess. Use the cold effect to your advantage and increase your enjoyment. Better, more fulfilling connections On top of that: Improve your self-assurance and watch your connections blossom. Expend more energy on delight Improve your sexual desire. Indicated for: Men want to enhance their libido. Use Case: Just a few drops on the penis, a little massaging, and a few minutes of absorption time before you can get down and dirty. Gel, 50ml bottle format. Obtain the highest possible level of enjoyment!