Lubricant booster phiero lady pheromone fragrance for women

Référence 3792690614557 Brand 500COSMETICS
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Tenfold sensations for intense emotions

Featuring four pheromones proven to entice males, the classic fragrance Phiero Woman is sure to be a hit with the gents. The essences and smells of wild flowers enhance one's attractiveness, sensitivity, and sexual allure. advantages Increase interest in and attraction to people of the opposite sex. Strengthen your bonds with loved ones. It's important to boost people's self-assurance. The quality of sexual experiences should also be enhanced. Increases self-esteem Lose your inhibitions and stress so you can shine more brightly to others. It can be used in the same way that any other perfume is—with a quick spritz. Aromatic genus: flowers Four types of pheromones (estratetraenol, androstenone, A-keto, delta 16 -OL) Bottle size: 30 ml Win them over with your charms!