Lubricant booster 100 cc pjur myglide and heater

Référence 3794643277208 Brand PJUR
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Explore new territories with our aphrodisiac lubricant

Developed by the renowned brand Pjur, this lubricant offers unique stimulation that will take your bedroom escapades to another level. With a water-based formula, Pjur MyGlide provides a tingling sensation that intensifies each touch, making your intimate moments more exciting and pleasurable. Explore new possibilities and let yourself be carried away by ecstasy as you dive head first into the excitement. Additionally, Pjur MyGlide uses natural botanical extracts of gingko biloba and red clover, which increase stimulation in the applied area. Whether during intercourse or masturbation, you will experience amplified sensations and unparalleled pleasure. This reinforcement lubricant is also perfect for use with erotic toys, whether latex or silicone. Enjoy moments of intense fun with your favorite toys, enhancing the sensation of pleasure and exploring new dimensions of pleasure. In addition to its incredible stimulation benefits, Pjur MyGlide is an easy-to-clean lubricant that leaves no stains and can be easily removed from most fabrics with a simple wash. With no worries about spills, you can completely focus on your pleasure. It's no wonder the Pjur MyGlide has become so popular with our customers. Add this lubricant to your list of must-haves and enjoy the sexual ecstasy that is sure to follow. Keep the Pjur MyGlide close at hand for extra exciting moments and discover a new world of pleasure and satisfaction.